Sunday, December 4, 2016

2017 Book Challenges

Every year it feels like I'm signing up for fewer and fewer reading challenges that are hosted by other people, and just kind of winging my own.  I used to host a reading challenge, and while I did miss it for awhile, I'm kind of glad to be free from that pressure now.  Sorry if that is ungrateful to everyone who participated... or continues to participate as Back to the Classics continues to live on at Books and Chocolate (click the link for 2017 details).  I think I'm going to join in again as well, but I'm just glad I'm not running it anymore!

My Classics Club "expires" in March of 2017.  That means that I should have read my 50 books in 5 years by then.  I'm not going to make it, but I'm pretty close.  Close enough for me to be happy.  So I'll rework that in March.  Right now I think I'll re-sign up (I am a moderator after all), and make a list of 50 books, but keep track of what I actually do read and count those.  We'll see what I do in March though.

But for the rest of the Challenges...  I like the look of the Popsugar List for next year, so I'll try that.  But other than that - I think I'm going on a true book buying ban for the year and will track what I read off my crazy out of control TBR book case vs. what I read from the library.  I also like tracking where the books I read take place, so I'll do that again.

I'm also making it a point to read more diversely, so I may also keep statistics on some categories to that end as well.  I haven't worked that out in my head just yet though.  No matter what, at the beginning of January - you'll see that 2016 Challenges tab turn into one for 2017 and that's where I'll update everything.

So that, in a brief, kind of disorganized nutshell, is my reading challenge plan for next year.  Have you thought about yours?


Jean said...

I too am reworking my CC list, since my deadline is also in March. I'm repeating several of my traditional ones, like Mount TBR and Back to the Classics, but I wish I could find more. There does seem to be a falling-off in challenges. The obvious solution to this is to host one, but it's getting a bit late and I'm still waffling over that idea.

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

I agree with the falling off in challenges. I wonder why? Although I find there are more pop-up kinds of challenges, or that they are in places they weren't (as much) before like GoodReads and Litsy. But I totally support you hosting one! It was fun when I started up the Back to the Classics! I really enjoyed it, which is why I'm so glad it's still around even after I had to hand it off. You could always do a half-year one, or seasonal so that it doesn't have to start January 1!

Jean said...

I wonder if it's because people are moving more to Instagram and such, and blogging might be considered a little passe. Personally I like words. :)

Karen K. said...

I've really noticed how many of my reads are by dead white men, so next year I want to read more books by women (my Back to the Classics list is all by women next year). I'm also down to the end of my Classics Club list, only six left, and I'm not excited about any of them -- maybe I should just cross them off and be done with them.

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