Monday, December 26, 2016

Book Review: "All Played Out" by Cora Carmack

Nell is the definition of a studious introvert.  She's worked hard and will graduate early and hopes to be off to grad school in the fall and be on her way to her highly specialized scientific career.  But her roommate Dylan points out that with her focus set so firmly on the future, Nell just might be missing out on the "typical college experience".  You know, hooking up with a guy, going to parties, having friends and having sex.  Nell makes a list and does what she can to find that college experience and see if she's really missing anything at all.  Enter Mateo Torres, wide receiver for the college football team.  He's a flirt, he takes risks, and he just might be the definition of the college experience.  He finds out about Nell's list and wants to help her complete all the tasks... even the ones he suggests she add.  He's got his own motive, which loses importance as things heat up between the two of them (as unlikely as that may be).

So here's the thing.  I bought this book purely on impulse.  I recognized the author's name, and knew that I have been on a mission to discover more New Adult books as I've found that I really like reading them.  I told my friend that I bought this one, and she clued me in to the fact that it is the third in the series.  Me, being oh so sure of myself, decided that didn't matter - I don't have to read the whole series, I'm not going to get that involved in the story.  Guys, I HAVE TO READ THE REST OF THE SERIES.  I do love these characters, and this Texas university football setting!  I totally get Nell and know exactly how she processes things and Mateo is such a little devil with a good heart.  I didn't like him right away because I didn't like that he was using her... but that changed.
I expected this to be a quick and fun read, something to get me past the last book I read (and didn't really enjoy very much) but I didn't expect to really like it as much as I did.  I love when that happens!

All Played Out
by Cora Carmack
William Morrow, 2015
317 pages
Series:  Rusk University #3
Source:  Purchased New


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