Monday, January 30, 2017

Book Review: "All Lined Up" by Cora Carmack

Dallas Cole is finally in college, and while she had certain expectations (finally moving away from home, finally getting away from being the football coach's daughter, finally getting over her ex) it seems like none of that is happening.  She does get to move into the dorm with her best friend Stella, but she's still in her hometown.  Her father is now the football coach at her college, so no getting away from him.  She swears off football players, and by chance meets this fantastic guy named Carson.  But then they realize that he's the backup quarterback and she's the coach's daughter.  Carson doesn't want to do anything that could risk his place on the team...  but he can't stay away from Dallas.  And Dallas feels the same way.

I read All Played Out back in December, which is the third book in this series.  So this is me remembering why I never read series books out of order, and am starting over at the beginning.  Even though this has a ridiculous looking cover.  I mean, those people on the cover don't look natural at all, and are weirdly out of proportion.  ANYWAY...

I enjoyed how Dallas and Carson's relationship progressed.  I really appreciated the fact that they realized things were going too fast and they stepped back.  I loved that neither of them gave up on their dreams or goals for the other, instead they made room for each other and supported each other.

The one thing that I didn't really understand or that just didn't seem to fit in with the rest was their big conflict scene.  They are at a party, Dallas hears a rumor that upsets her and then she more or less throws herself at Carson "to feel better".  I just couldn't follow her motives at all.  It felt strange and forced.  But the scenes where they are together in a good way are hot and steamy and exactly what you're looking for in a new adult book like this.

All Lined Up
by Cora Carmack
William Morrow, 2014
305 pages
Source:  Library


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