Monday, February 6, 2017

Book Review: "Hey Harry, Hey Matilda" by Rachel Hulin

Every once in a while, a book will catch my personal attention when I'm ordering books for the library.  This was one of them... I had put a hold on it just as I placed the order for it.  Don't worry, it had received decent reviews... I don't order for the library based on my personal interests.

Harry and Matilda are fraternal twins in their early thirties and trying to work through their biggest disappointments in life.  She is a photography artists, making ends meet as a working wedding photographer.  It isn't what she wants to do, but it pays the bills.  She lives with a boyfriend she says she loves, but is also very aware that their entire relationship is built on a lie.  He is a writing professor trying desperately to get published and attain tenure.  He compounds his secrets as well, until their is a huge and public one that could jeopardize everything.

This takes the form of a fairly lighthearted tone, told completely in emails between the twins complete with a few photos and illustrations.  It reads fast, until it all becomes a bit disturbing.  It isn't just the present day secrets these twins are dealing with - secrets from their past are discovered as well and change their entire dynamic.   The disturbing bit starts with the level of codependency shared by Harry and Matilda.  It borders on creepy really fast, but it becomes normalized by their banter.  But then there is a quick turn out out of normal and you just don't go back.

Hey Harry, Hey Matilda
by Rachel Hulin
Doubleday, 2017
276 pages
Source:  Library


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