Monday, March 13, 2017

Book Review: "Long Way Home" by Katie McGarry

OK.  So if you've been reading along the Thunder Road series, you already know that this is Violet and Chevy's story.  If you haven't read the series...  you don't really need to.  You'll be fine.  Why are we so excited about Violet and Chevy?

Violet and Chevy are kind of like star-crossed lovers.  They have basically grown up together in the proximity of the Reign of Terror Motorcycle Club.  Chevy never knew his father, Violet's father passed away recently while involved in club business.  All Chevy wants is to protect Vi and love her...  but she broke up with him months ago, wanting her independence, wanting away from the club, not wanting to force him to choose between her and the club.  Enter the Riot MC - the Terror's archenemy (so to speak).  The Riot want to take the Terror down from the inside, and they target Violet to help them do it.  Threatening everyone she loves, she is forced to agree to their terms... but what will this cost her?

I really like Violet and Chevy.  I love that Violet's an awesome feminist who isn't afraid to stand up for herself in the face of the Terror's incredibly sexist ways.  And I like that Chevy isn't afraid of that, and is realizing the institutional sexism in the club culture.  I think that eventually they could effect some real change in that clubhouse.  But I probably won't be around to see it (if this series continues... I have no idea and haven't bothered to look into it).  I think I'm kind of over the whole MC thing.  It is all so so much that it is becoming harder to believe in it as a possible real world thing.  And I know that MC's are real, and I know that McGarry did a lot of research, but this one just seemed the most far fetched to me.  I think I'm done here.  Also annoying - the repeating of what happened in previous books of the series.  Once, sure - give me the reminder because I probably need it.  But please don't tell me the same thing twice by one character and then again from the other's point of view.  I don't need a reminder from a few pages ago.

But one very cool thing that happened was that a favorite character from her previous series shows up in this book, and even though the name is dropped early on - I didn't catch on until we were in the scene.  That was an interesting twist!

Long Way Home
by Katie McGarry
HarlequinTeen, 2017
448 pages
Series:  Thunder Road #3
Source:  Library


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