Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Update - 7 years blogging, Classics Club, and more?

7 years already?!?!
So this month hit a couple milestones for me that I thought I'd share (you know, before March is completely over).

First up - I have now been blogging about books for 7 years.  That is such a long time!  But as I've changed over the years, this blog thing has changed with me and I still find it helpful to write out some of what I'm feeling at the end of a book.  I'm not going to lie - I have been having thoughts about shutting it down, and just using GoodReads and Litsy...  but I'm not convinced that I would feel satisfied with that.  Also, actually writing a review on GoodReads scares me a little.  I definitely feel safer here on my own little page, where I pretend that no one actually reads what I'm writing.  So I guess I won't be taking that sort of leap anytime soon... but I've had the thoughts.  This is also why I haven't changed over to WordPress either, as I was thinking about doing a year or two ago.  It would cost me $$ I don't have to make sure the transition went smoothly, and I just don't feel like I care enough about it to justify the expense.  This thing here is working for me, so I'll keep it going like that.

Second - March 7th was the official end of my Classics Club Challenge.  Back in 2012, I made a list of 50 classics I wanted to read in 5 years...  by March 7, 2017.  I did in fact read 42 of them, which I call a success!  Especially when you remember I was in graduate school for 3 of those years.  So now what?  Originally I had expanded my list to 100 books, and I could just keep going and add 5 years.  But the thing is, my reading interests have shifted a bit.  I have learned that I have no real interest in reading a bunch of Dickens, for example.  So I think what I'll do is archive that list, and start a new one for the next 5 years.  But maybe I won't fill out the full 50 titles on the new list, and just add in some as I go.  I know, I'm breaking like the one rule of the Classics Club, but I don't care.  I'm pretty sure no one else does either.  So I'll try to figure that all out by the end of the month too.

Third - my book buying ban is still in effect!  I had given myself the only exception to buy books for myself at my library's used book sale.  The book sale is twice a year, and I figure that should be good and it benefits my library.  I wish I could say that this has translated directly into my TBR pile dwindling down to nothing, but instead I have become even better at using my library.  I'm happy with that, but I really do need to shrink that pile!


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