Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adventures in my TBR Bookcase

It was time to update my Classics Club list.  That's what started this.  I started taking books off the list that I don't really want to read anymore.  I realized that I needed to check my TBR bookcase for books I've added but hadn't made it to the list yet.

Oh boy.

Next thing you know, I'm surrounded by piles of books.  Now that I don't mind.  But I was rediscovering books that I had completely forgotten about!  I also found a bunch (a bag full) of books that I no longer have any interest in reading.  So that bag is off to the library...  and I'm left with still too many books to fit on the book case.  179 books to be exact.  Because I'm pretty good about donating books I've read, I think that it is possible I have more books on my TBR bookcase than on my Read Bookcase.

In the end though, I'm glad I spent the time doing this.  It was great to remember the books I already have to read, and now my Classics Club list is ready to go.  Also, the library is getting another 30ish books donated when I go to work on Monday.  Wins all around!


Jean said...

I did the exact same thing in January! I was organizing my TBR and CC lists, looking at the bookshelves...and wound up surrounded by piles of books. My TBR is part of an actual bookshelf in my bedroom and it's ridiculous just now.

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

Both of my bookcases are in my bedroom... so my husband makes comments when the pile in front of the smaller, yet more densely packed TBR case starts to get unruly! But this little exercise means that more of the overflow pile can be stuffed into the case. So that's progress. I think.

Always good to know that I'm not alone!

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