Thursday, April 20, 2017

Book Review: "84, Charing Cross Road" by Helene Hanff

This book came recommended by a co-worker, and I thank her so much for it.  She kept gushing and gushing about it, so I finally picked it up and gave it a shot.

I nearly read it in one night, even after I got home late closing the library.  I had to make an effort to leave a little for the next day.  Granted, it is a very short book, but still.  Effort.

This is probably the most charming and delightful book I have ever read!  It is the correspondence between Helene, the author in New York, and the bookseller at Marks & Co in London over a 20 year span of time.  She adores out of print, second hand books which just so happens to be this shop's specialty.  She developed a relationship with Frank, the bookseller over the years which expanded to include the others at the shop as well as his family.

And it's all because of and about books.

I absolutely love this book!  I have already requested the sequel to this as well as another book she's written that sounds like it's more about books.  I also hear that there is a very good movie that came out of this book as well... I may track that down as well.  But I needed to share this book with you just in case you had been missing out as I was.

84, Charing Cross Road
by Helene Hanff
Penguin, 1970
97 pages
Source:  Library



Jean said...

Oh, I love this book! The bookstore itself is gone :( but should you go to London, you can find a wall plaque commemorating it and this book.

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

I've got the sequel waiting now to read! I'm so sad the store is gone though, but thankful it hasn't been forgotten.

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